Committee Profiles

Scott Landells

My name is Scott Landells. I am a current resident of Rutherglen and have lived in Indigo Shire since 2005. I have been a member of Indigo FM since 2012. My interest in Community Radio dates back to the mid-80s growing up in Melbourne. I love the natural affinity and synergy with local music and arts that community radio offers, and that flows on to the community in general. As a local radio station, Indigo FM can offer much for the communities it services but also we can value-add by sharing content across sites and also including the online community – an ever-increasing opportunity as wi-fi and mobile technology develops.

My professional background is in Community Development and Marketing roles and I hold various accreditations and qualifications in both.

We have a fantastic opportunity to form direct, credible relationships with our communities and in turn allow the community to partner with us to grow and evolve Indigo FM.

I am mindful of the fact that as your current President (and a Committee Member), my role is largely that of a custodian. I aim to respect the work of those Committee members who founded and guided Indigo FM in its formative years, and balance that with looking forward enthusiastically to working with our current members, retaining their involvement and recruiting new members to ensure we grow with fresh input and ideas.

Denis Ginnivan

My family and I have lived on a small farm in the Indigo Valley near Yackandandah since 1992; and, apart for six years, in the broader North-east region region all my life.

I am a professional social worker, project manager and rural community development consultant. I have additional qualifications and experience in agricultural economics, mediation, and facilitation. I have a rural events-organising business, a small farm business, and I am a founding member of the Yackandandah Folk Festival; I am current President of Voices for Indi, a regional community organisation focussed on encouraging people of all ages to participate in civic activities and democracy.

I have a strong commitment to community and the capacity for small towns and communities to create and shape themselves for the future. My motivation for joining Indigo FM is that it offers information, support, connectivity and creative endeavour to our region. I’m keen to see it thrive in its work, and to be part of its endeavour.

Norm Gay

Hi everyone Norman is my name and I thank you all for lending us your ears listening to such a great radio station as Indigo FM.

A brief history of my background is that I have worked in Warehousing, Sales, Marketing and Management in both small and large companies, and I look forward to being able to use some of that experience to help propel Indigo FM higher up the charts.

My love for music came at an early age for me receiving my first Record Player at the age of 10 back in 1966. It was my uncles old one but to me it was better than anything else in the world. Since then I have spent many years collecting music of all genres.

My association with Indigo FM came about when I moved up to Beechworth about 4 years ago, my sister and I were cleaning the unit when I put on the radio and turning the dial came across Indigo FM, my sister commented what station is this, I said no idea, anyway after listening for awhile not only did the name of the station come up but also a sweeper asking for people to volunteer so I contacted the station and after a little training was on air doing my own show.

I look forward to being a member of the committee of Indigo FM moving forward into a new era.

Greg Clydesdale
I have moved to Murmungee in 2000 from Melbourne with a Degree in Business (Personnel and Industrial Relations and broad experience in Health at hospital, regional and State level. A brief moment in local government and then 13 years operating a retail outlet (footwear) in Beechworth.
I joined Indigofm with the intention of broadcasting but certainly out of appreciation for the contribution the station provided to the community and a thought that I could contribute. Communication was always at the heart of my work experience.
I have completed the transition having now retired and found there are so many things still competing for my time that I have been limited in my contribution, but I believe that every little bit I do is appreciated.