Committee Profiles

Nigel Jones

I have lived in NE Vic / border region since ‘92, working in environmental field (with a 3 year stint in Hobart), and now in Yackandandah for over 10 years.

With three children home life is pretty busy but always there is music playing in the background of a wide range of genres.

I love folk festivals – and have been a regular at Yackandandah, and FRL (Eldorado-Bilyana) since they began.  In this era of so much access to online music, its vital to have a platform for us to hear our local talent and then maybe go on and support them when they get to do a gig on stage. There’s also so many interesting characters that have stories to tell – and I love the fact that Indigo FM provides them with this opportunity, either by doing their own music show, or via interview.  2020 only highlighted the value of local networks to foster a sense of wellbeing and social connectedness, and I reckon Indigo FM plays a part in this, especially for those that struggle to leave home or the many shed tinkerers out there who can have Indigo FM playing in the background.

Scott Landells

My name is Scott Landells. I am a current resident of Chiltern and have lived in Indigo Shire since 2005. I have been a member of Indigo FM since 2012. My interest in local / community radio dates back to the mid-80s growing up in Melbourne. I love the natural affinity and synergy with local music and arts that local / community radio offers, and that flows on to the community in general. As a local radio station, Indigo FM can offer much for the communities it services but also we can value-add by sharing content across sites and also including the online community – an ever-increasing opportunity via podcasting and live streaming.

My professional background is in Community Development and Marketing roles and I hold various accreditations and qualifications in both.

We have a fantastic opportunity to form direct, credible relationships with our communities and in turn allow the community to partner with us to grow and evolve Indigo FM.

I am mindful of the fact that as your current President (and a Committee Member), my role is largely that of a custodian. I aim to respect the work of those Committee members who founded and guided Indigo FM in its formative years, and balance that with looking forward enthusiastically to working with our current members, retaining their involvement and recruiting new members to ensure we grow with fresh input and ideas.

Greg Clydesdale

I have moved to Murmungee in 2000 from Melbourne with a Degree in Business (Personnel and Industrial Relations and broad experience in Health at hospital, regional and State level. A brief moment in local government and then 13 years operating a retail outlet (footwear) in Beechworth.
I joined Indigo FM with the intention of broadcasting but certainly out of appreciation for the contribution the station provided to the community and a thought that I could contribute. Communication was always at the heart of my work experience.

I have completed the transition having now retired and found there are so many things still competing for my time that I have been limited in my contribution, but I believe that every little bit I do is appreciated.

Phil Fraser

I moved to Beechworth from England in 2013 (my wife is originally from Tallangatta), discovered Indigo FM in my first week and have been a big fan ever since. As somebody who has a very limited knowledge of Australian music it really has been an excellent source of discovery for me. It’s been a real joy to discover great bands from the past such as Radio Birdman, You Am I, The Sunnyboys, etc, and the coverage of new music is outstanding.

I’m not sure what skills you are looking for, but I do have experience of being on committees. Locally I have been on the Beechworth Kindergarten committee and for them I have carried out the role of Enrolment Officer for the last three years. Before coming to Australia, I was a Service Manager for BT, I have a background in IT but one of the reasons for coming to Beechworth was to get away from the corporate world and I’ve since turned into a bit of Luddite.

I suppose the biggest thing I can bring is a huge love of music, I get immense pleasure in discovering new music and have very eclectic tastes from Punk to Classical and Country to Reggae. I do have a sizeable record collection. I’ve never been bothered enough to count my digital collection but it too is vast.

In 2019 I plan to commence my regular radio show covering classic Jamaican music from the 50’s to the 80’s – Reggae, Ska, Rocksteady, Dub, early Dancehall and a little bit of Mento and Jamaican R’N’B or perhaps a show covering Soul, Funk, early R’N’B and other forms of 50’s to 70’s dance music, basically anything that makes me want to shuffle my feet.

Bernie Jovaras

Bernie resides in Beechworth and has been a member of Indigo FM since its inception in 2010. He is a member of our longest running show – Eclectic Avenue which airs in Beechworth on Wednesday evenings. Originally from Scotland, Bernie is an Architect by profession and has designed many of the newer Shire buildings and facilities.

He is currently undertaking a somewhat delayed one-year “gap year” in Glasgow, Scotland. We are looking forward to his return in mid 2024 and wish him well in the meantime.