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Beechworth’s ASHA (aka Asha Bright, formerly of The Inner Vision) is still in her mid-teens and has a big future as a singer-songwriter. Here she shares her 3 fave Aussie songs from the past decade.

Gang Of Youths – Deepest of Sighs and the Frankest of Shadows (Released 2017)
I heard this song a few years ago on the radio and I fell in love with it! I then became obsessed with all of their music, I went to one of their concerts in Sydney and it amazes me how all of their music sounds the exact same recorded as they do on stage, it was just awesome, Gang of youths are such an inspiration to me.

Slowly Slowly – New York, Paris (Released 2016)

This song reminds me of summer 2018, I swear I listened to it on repeat for weeks. I’m not sure how I came across this song but the lyrics in the chorus ” I saw it on the TV, looks alright to me” just stuck with me for some reason. I think it’s based around the fact, I always see beautiful and amazing places online and on the TV and just think, it would be amazing to see that in real life.

Mallrat – Charlie 
(Released 2019)

I could have chosen any songs by Mallrat, she is such a wonderful artist. But I chose the song Charlie because it’s just one of those tunes that make you feel all warm and fuzzy, you could listen to it on repeat for a whole day and it would make you feel so safe and comfortable.

Listen to ASHA’s first solo single Burnt Toast and Marmalade

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