Fave Aussie Songs Since 2010 Poll : ELK’s Nick Keogh



ELK is an ambitious 5 piece folk-pop-rock band hailing from Albury, NSW, Australia. Their unique brand of storytelling will break your heart and move your feet. ELK’s Nick Keogh shares 3 of his fave Australian songs from the past 10 years.


The Northern Folk – St Philomena (Released 2019)

The Northern Folk have been a major influence on us, showing us that a band from Albury can do incredible things. In 2018 we were lucky enough to play at “By the Banks”, a local festival run by some of the members of The Northern Folk down by the banks of the Murray River, a truly special day. Not only do they put on killer festivals, but they also write some of the best songs in the southern hemisphere, and “St Philomena” is just a beautiful example of how they meld together ethereal, swelling horn lines with beautiful vocal harmonies, breaking your heart while mending it at the same time.


FEELDS – Golden (Released 2018)

Their energetic and groovy tunes turned us instantly into fanboys. A song with an exploding chorus, glorious harmonies and musically scrumptious. With every release we fall deeper and deeper in love with their beautiful production and incredible songs. If you haven’t checked them out already, you’re missing out.


Ruby Fields – Dinosaurs (Released 2018)

This song is absolutely devastating, packed in with heart wrenching lines such as “I’ve been to more funerals in my life, than weddings”. If you can make it through this song without crying, you don’t have tear ducts. Ruby has a charming way of letting your guard down, then pumping your heart strings before launching into a sweaty, raw, belter of a hook. Last year we were so lucky to open for Ruby when she played in Albury, it’s one of our favourite gigs to have played and one of our favourite live shows to have watched. The wit and passion behind her music is on clear display when she plays live, holding the crowd in the palm of her hand before igniting them and sending them reeling.


ELK – Paris

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