Fave Aussie Songs Since 2010 Poll : This Way North’s Leisha



Two-piece indie pop-rock band This Way North are heading somewhere exciting, and the music they create makes you want to join these two van-lifers on the road.


Alter Ego – Tame Impala (Released 2010)
This song is just the most beautiful combination of driving beats and awesome psych rock. I love the way that Kevin Parker’s mind works in relation to making beautiful music you just want to surf to, lay on the beach, drive, play, party and sink into life with.



Tuck Shop Ladies – Pigeon Song (Unreleased)
If you’ve seen Tuckshop Ladies Live you’ll know this amazing 30 second song. It makes you ask yourself… Yeah why the F*ck are there no baby pigeons?!!!


This Way North – Driving Roads (Released 2020)
We got asked to pick one of our own songs and this is our latest release out on the 1st of Sept! I love playing this song so much live, it takes me away to sun dappled light driving along open roads touring from one festival to the next. It also reminds me of how ‘home’ is a place you make inside yourself and can take it on every road you go.

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