Fave Aussie Songs Since 2010 Poll : Maja



This Serbian born Melbourne based folk-soul spoken-word artist shared her tips on a few of her favourite Australian songs since 2010


Miss Emilia – Feel (Released 2018)

Love the groove in this and the strong vocals! I love strong, powerful female vocals.  She is a local Melbourne artist who is part of “the Mama’s” and this is her solo stuff and I love it.  


Bec  Sykes – Edithvale (Released 2020)

The production is amazing and I love how hauntingly sad the lyrics are. She said it was about a time when her ex boyfriend’s car was stolen and the collapse of their relationship soon after that. 


Matt Corby – New Day Coming  (Released 2018)

I needed to put a male artist in there too cause I realise I often favouritise women now! Haha. I was having dinner with my neighbours in isolation and they were playing this song and it just felt so perfect approaching spring in Melbourne. 🙂 I can’t deny that there is a new day coming! 


Maja – He Wants to Know You (Released 2020)

Had to do one of my own! I love how upbeat this song is and also how empowering it is. “I am not a prize to claim but a woman of the world you see, not bound by your perception of me.” I like to think no one can own me and that I am a free, independent spirit. 

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