Volunteer spotlight – Felicity Rule

In 2019 we will be shedding a bit of light on the various volunteers at Indigo FM who contribute so much behind the scenes.  Felicity Rule  – Fizz to her many friends – is one of those volunteers. A collage of Fizz’s work can be viewed here – as well as her interviewing a couple of musos at By The Banks 2019.

Some of the tasks Felicity does quietly in her spare time include –

  • Taking notes for Beechworth Presenters Meetings and Sub-Committees
    Marketing Sub-Committee (core member along with Doug Wallen, Scott Landells and Phil Fraser)
  • Designed event posters and social media images for Radiothon and Music Trivia
  • Handles the cash and ticket arrivals at Events like Music Trivia Nights and Concerts
  • Designs Gig Guide logos
  • Does the Gig Guide as a back-up
  • Designed the Indigo FM Presents banner
  • Conducted phone interviews and created podcasts in support of:
    A Hitch To The Sticks – interviewed Ella Hooper from Killing Heidi
    Beechworth Celtic Festival – interviewed William Hutton from Claymore
    By The Banks Music Festival – interviewed organiser James Eggleston

Here is Fizz’s story in her own words.

“As a volunteer presenter for over a year now, I’d like to take the time to thank our local radio station Indigo FM, our President, my fellow presenters/volunteers and everyone who is tirelessly and creatively involved with the station on all levels. A massive thank you also to our open-minded listeners, who take a chance listening to our shows, be it live or via podcasts.

We voluntarily give up our time and creative energy for the Indigo Shire community, supporting and mentoring each other as volunteers along the way. Our music features more variety than your daily commercial radio and I am proud of this. It’s what makes us unique. Our Trivia nights and special concert events are so much fun, and we delight in bringing you the weekend Gig Guide each Friday.

We have overcome every hurdle thrown in front of us and also never waver in our focus to provide a voice to our local community.

Music is universal, it’s sure to be about the one thing we all have in common. Music brings people together, even as our music tastes may be different. Which is okay, because not everyone can like the same artists, bands and genres. You can always ‘turn the dial’ so to speak if some music isn’t to your liking.

I made several mistakes when I first started (and sometimes still do) which I admit, own, leave behind me and laugh about later. That is always a possibility when you are presenting a show live. But the show goes on!

I must say I was trained incredibly well and taught not to draw attention to my mistakes, but to push on gracefully. After all, I am an imperfect human being who is bound to make error from time to time (as we all know, no one on this earth is perfect). I am not my mistakes and neither is The Nostalgia Hour.

As someone who was struggling personally in 2017, Indigo FM welcomed me and allowed me to utilise my creativity as an artistic person, which is often stifled by the routine of adult life. I have never been a part of such a mature team of people who work in respectful cohesion with one another.

If not for Indigo FM, I would not have had so many creative opportunities and experiences. I am so proud of the station‘s reputation, which is thanks in part to those out there in our community, who truly know us by our efforts and presence.

I get to do what I’ve always wanted to do: to live my life creatively on a regular basis and I could not be more thankful.

We do all this for you and will continue to do so.

Much respect and love

– Felicity (volunteer presenter of The Nostalgia Hour since May 2017)

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