Radiothon 2020 – “Support Us to Support Our Communities”

Indigo FM’s annual Radiothon kicks off today – 1 October running through to the end of the month. It’s our annual showcase of all that is unique about our great little radio station and how you can connect with us.

Given the year that 2020 has been, our Radiothon theme is to support us to support our communities. There are several projects we have running where we are looking at how we can support community better. We started the year supporting community fund-raisers to aid Bushfire Relief in Beechworth and Yackandandah and in recent months have been offering free announcements via our on-air Business Recovery Billboard.

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Here at Indigo FM, we have a number of new programs and indeed new ways that you can enjoy Indigo FM with inclusiveness a major focus.

As well as our host of regular programs, several recent new musical programs have been added that focus on genres such as 80s and 90s glam metal, dub/electronic, horn based funk and soul, all things blues and female artists. Plus we will be featuring young local songwriters who were awarded prizes in the recent Indigo Shire Youth Songwriting Competition.

We also are super-excited by a few non-musical shows that our volunteers have been busy developing which include a community phone in chat type program, a book club, reading for the vision impaired and a radio play among various Arts based programs. And we are also supporting the 2020 Victorian Seniors Festival – airing content specific for seniors on a weekly basis.

As a bonus, joining up this Radiothon, you will be eligible for an Accommodation package at Lochwood Cottage B&B Beechworth – placing you within a lovely short stroll of beautiful parks and the heritage streetscape that Beechworth is famous for.

Throughout October we have some big announcements. Shortly we will unveil our Internet Radio Site, which has been in test mode for the past 2 months. We are just ironing out a couple of small glitches and it will be ready to roll. It will be showcasing all of the great shows you can hear at any one of our sites , a host of shows from our vault, supplemented by our progressive and highly unique playlist which is jam packed with Australian independent artists. All accessible via a media player app on our website (or an internet URL) to tune into Indigo FM from your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, desktop etc. If you’re lucky you might be able to play it from your phone through your car audio system via blue-tooth connectivity.

If you’re new to Indigo FM and wish to join up as a member, you can do that right here.

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Wanted – Your Favourite Australian Songs Since 2010

Here at Indigo FM we’re conducting a poll of your favourite Australian songs of the past 10 years – essentially since Indigo FM has been alive!

Vote here now

So 2010-2020 release dates is what we’re talking about. And the artist must generally be considered Australian (sorry no bending of the rules for our kiwi friends on this one).

You can vote for up to 5 songs and voting is now open. It will run for 5 weeks – closing Sunday 4 October.

Voting is via this online form

To go to the event page and for further info click here

Cure Your Lockdown Blues – Indigo FM On Demand

Indigo FM presenters have been busy creating lots of interesting content to help keep your Stay at Home time entertaining. Among the shows available on podcast are:

10 Year Birthday Highlights from our Vault

A selection of bona-fide treasures are dusted off from our Vault and brought back to life for your listening enjoyment. Featuring:

  • 2015 From Rock to Music with Norm
  • 2015 Covers Special with Andrew
  • 2013 Lipstick Blues with Ruth
  • 2014 Small Town Sounds Yackandandah Folk Festival Breakfast Special hosted by Lauren and Chris

Lipstick Blues with Ruth

Following a 6 year break, Ruth triumphantly returns and brings her enthusiastic passion for the Blues to our airwaves spinning 90 minutes of tracks from Ash Grunwald, Fenn Wilson, Lachy Doley, John Lee Hooker and many more.

Waste The Alphabet with Doug

Playing the best new independent Australian music.

Everyone Deserves Music with Scott

Modern Australian folk/roots music incl local and touring artists plus we delve into the cave and drag out relics from the past

Bullfrog’s Roadhouse with Mark

You supply the food and drink, we supply the tunes – blues, roots, alt-country. Tune in to hear what comes next.

Monthly Music with Charles

Indigo FM’s youngest presenter Charles selects new music from around the world.

Eclectic Avenue with Bernie, Michael and Sandy

Brings you a smorgasbord of musical delights to titillate your musical taste buds from across the genres loosely brought together each week by a topical, quirky, out-of-left-field, nonsensical, and/or lazy theme.

The Nest with Patrick

A mix including ambient, low fi type recordings but also a bit of boogie and disco, modern electronic pieces too. some contemplation and some dancing.


There are interviews with artists such as Grafton’s Tullara and Canadian Tennyson King and also an interview with Indigo FM founder Paul Fitzgerald.

Check them out here


Latest Playlist 16.0 On The Airwaves

Indigo FM has released it’s new playlist version 16.0 in recent days and it’s another in the long line of extremely diverse offerings.

This latest playlist comprises 900 songs by over 750 different artists with Australian content running in excess of 50% as has been the norm, since the very first playlist back 5 years ago.

Artists who would have played at the ultimately cancelled 2020 Yackandandah Folk Festival feature heavily including overseas artists Coig (Canada), Morning Bear (North America), Bright Blue Gorilla (North America), Whitetop Mountaineers (North America), John Smith (UK) and The Ocelots (IRE) as well as the strong local line-up.

Independent musicians the world over have been arguably among the hardest hit in the COVID19 shutdown and Indigo FM again proudly champions the music of this sector of the industry.

Local musicians such as Chelsea Knight, Paul Dyason, Adrian Clark, Pete Denahy, The Northern Folk, Joel Harrison, Godspeed Brotherman, Elissa Pernu, Eastbound Buzz, Liv Cartledge, Riley Catherall, Toby Mobbs, Mayfair Lane, Candice McLeod, Molly Jane, Buddy Dingo, Tash Fenton, This Way North, Sal Kimber, Dean Haitani, Fanny Lumsden, Forgotten Land, The Inner Vision, The Pigs, Julian James, Renn Picard and Squid Doctors all have tracks on Playlist 16.0.

A long-standing rule of thumb is that each artist has a maximum of 2 songs on the Playlist and all music is sourced from presenters at the volunteer run local radio station as well as from various record labels and free music sources such as Triple J Unearthed.

It is the default between pre-recorded and live radio shows and is changed over every 6 months by the station’s Programming team.

Click Playlist 16.0 to view the complete listing.

Indigo FM Podcasts – Diversity in the palm of your hand

Have you checked out our Podcasts lately? We have a range of entertaining shows that not only feature great music but offer insight and context to accompany the music. They are produced from our team of enthusiastic podcasters. Currently available to listen to are:

  • Bullfrog’s Roadhouse with Mark
  • The Nest with Patrick
  • Eclectic / Isolation Avenue with Michael, Bernie and Sandy
  • Waste The Alphabet with Doug
  • Everyone Deserves Music with Scott
  • Interviews – Scott catches up with Serbian born soul-folkster Maja
  • Shows from our Archive – Spin A Story (2017) and The Ambassadors (2015)

Simply head along to this link  to choose the show you want to listen to. Another option is to download the Podomatic App from the iTunes Store or Google Play Store. On the App just search for Indigo FM and our podcast site will come up. Select it and then pick your podcast! It’s that easy.

What are they about?


The Ambassadors – Is a loose and local 90 min sports show from 2015 which brought together the quick wit and fanaticism of Terry Turn-Up and Reginald young whipper-snapper Esq.

Spin A Story – Is real people meeting up in a Cafe in  2017 to share their favourite vinyl tracks and the stories behind them.

Waste The Alphabet – Plays the best new and independent Australian music.

Bullfrog’s Roadhouse – Supplies the tunes in the blues, roots and alt-country genres.

The Nest – Offers ambient, low fi type recordings but also a bit of boogie and disco, with some modern electronic pieces too.

Everyone Deserves Music – Focuses on indie folk/roots music incl local and touring artists.

Eclectic Avenue – Brings you a smorgasbord of musical delights from a range of genres.

Maja Interview – Maja is an eccentric Melbourne based spoken word poet and folk-soul singer songwriter. Her journey started in Serbia being born in the midst of a brutal civil war before her family immigrated and settled in Brisbane. In early 2017 she set up in Melbourne, where last year she published her first book of poetry and she has recently released a new single with an album to follow in 2020.

Our podcast line-up changes constantly and because the programs are coming from volunteers, you know they’ll be full of the passion Indigo FM is famous for.


Indigo FM Turns 10

10 years ago today, an Indigo Shire radio enthusiast named Paul Fitzgerald received an official document that his vision to start up a local radio station in various Indigo Shire towns was off and running. 

2 June 2010 is the date that Indigo FM officially incorporated. It’s what we have come to celebrate each year as our birthday. In saying that we do appreciate that a lot of work and testing went on in both Beechworth and Yackandandah from late 2009 leading up to mid 2010.

Thanks to the many members, businesses, community groups, event committees, independent musicians and individuals who have shared our 10 year journey. Especially we thank every single official who has pulled on a T-shirt or worn a cap for Indigo FM.

Who we are today is largely reflective of those contributions from the many faces across our first decade. We’d also like to thank our major community partners who have been with us on this journey – Indigo Shire Council, Yackandandah Community Centre, Yackandandah Folk Festival, Beechworth and District Community Bank, Kiewa Tangambalanga Lions Club and Beechworth Music Festival.

Throughout June we will be featuring some of the stories, events and people who have helped shape Indigo FM across the past decade.

Back to Paul Fitzgerald. Paul was our founding member and Indigo FM’s very first President. At the initial meeting to set up Indigo FM, he was joined by Yackandandah’s Phil Buerckner and Shayne Soall. They each took on key roles and the project gathered momentum quickly. Paul was President for the first 2 years and later stepped back to allow others to take the reins.

Eclectic Avenue is our longest running show – Bernie, Michael and Sandy clock up 10 years on air in 2020. Bullfrog’s Roadhouse (and it’s various incarnations) with Mark is close behind having also commenced in 2010. Mighty fine achievements – but more importantly radio shows that demonstrate what Indigo FM is all about – casual vibe combined with extensive yet intimate knowledge of music. The same goes for  Musical Mash with Spencer and Everyone Deserves Music with Scott each of which are in their 8th consecutive year. Phil Buerckner remains an active presenter too, as a core member of our new Yack Chat phone-in program.

10 Years down and we’re just getting started. 

We’re still just as hungry as ever to keep on partnering with worthy causes in our quest to live out our Vision:

A sustainable and accessible local voice that reflects and enriches the diversity of our community. 


Live-to-air Talkback Radio Hits The Airwaves in Yackandandah

  • A collaboration between the Yackandandah Community Centre, local radio station, Indigo FM and ReConnect Communications will broadcast “Yack Chat” on 88.0FM each week day from 10am till 11am.

For the first time Yackandandah people will be able to phone the station and speak with the presenter live-to-air. The number to call in on is 0419 881 566.

Indigo FM President Scott Landells welcomed the new programming initiative and congratulated YCC for coming up with the idea and the resources – both people and equipment (supplied by ReConnect Communications) to bring their idea to a reality.

“We are only too aware of how sudden and drastic the changes to day to day life have occurred and this is having significant impacts for many people within our communities,” Mr Landells said.

“And of course, equity in regards to access to technology is not consistent, so, many people can very quickly become isolated in a way that endangers their well-being. 

“What YCC have come up with is a great example of the ways that Indigo FM and our various community partners are adapting to a drastically altered social and economic landscape.

“We also thank Ben Quick from ReConnect Communications for his company’s assistance.”

YCC Manager, David Thorpe said it was early days for the talkback concept in Yackandandah but he hoped the community would get on board and call in to talk about what’s happening in their lives, pass on information or just share a story.

“We really want people to call in, talk to us and, in turn, talk to the wider community,’’ he said.

“Yack people can think of Yack Chat as their own, we are really encouraging feedback which will help draw the community together.

Mr Thorpe said YCC committee members would take on the role of volunteer presenters.

“I think it’s really important to find ways for people to connect and communicate during this time of social isolation and restrictions,’’ he said.

A reminder that the number to call in on is 0419 881 566.

Daniel Champagne returns to Yackandandah – June 27

Daniel has a way to coax extraordinary sounds from his guitar as demonstrated here

Indigo FM Presents brilliant guitarist singer-songwriter Daniel Champagne who will grace the stage again at Yackandandah Public Hall on Saturday 27 June.

“We are honoured to have the opportunity to host a date on Daniel Champagne’s 2020 Australian tour. His concerts in 2018 and 2019 were exhilirating performances and we are very excited that Daniel will take to the stage at Yackandandah Public Hall again,” said Indigo FM President Scott Landells.

“Champagne is based in Nashville Tennessee, and securing his agreement to again include Yackandandah on his National tour was a case of him approaching us which says a lot about the enthusiastic reception he has received in Yackandandah over the years in particular the support from the Yackandandah Folk Festival early on in his touring career,” Landells said.

Doors open from 6:30pm, Music from 7:30pm.

Tickets are $25 pre-sale (plus booking fee) – aged 15 and over, children under 15 are free – and can be booked on-line from the link here

Support act is Katie Gaston – an 18 year old singer/songwriter from Rutherglen. After winning some recording time, Katie recorded her debut EP which will be released in early 2020. In early 2019 Katie won a spot at St Kilda Fest through the FreeZA Push Start Battle of the Bands after winning her Indigo Shire heat and regional final. She loves playing guitar, writing songs and poetry and plans to write, sing and travel her way around the world someday.

New Playlist Loaded Up With Local Talent

Indigo FM’s latest Playlist has been released in recent days featuring an unprecedented line-up of local musicians from north-east Victoria and southern NSW including over 60% Australian content. The playlist is the 15th created and has 900 songs from over 600 different artists.

The progressive local radio station has an established record of championing local musicians and this playlist includes new music from Chelsea Knight, Toby Mobbs, ELK, Eastbound Buzz, Renn Picard, Hugh Fuschen, GG Music and Liv Cartledge. 

Indigo FM’s “Alive” series of intimate live-in-studio recordings is featured again with 25 such songs from the likes of Claire Ann Taylor, Red Tail Ring, Katie Gaston, Mike Noga, The Young Folk, Tayla Grace, Joel Havea, The Royal High Jinx, Dean Haitani and many others.

The playlist focuses to some degree on artists who have toured and played locally including at Yackandandah Folk Festival, Beechworth Music Festival, By The Banks Music Festival, Mount Beauty Music Festival, Eldorado’s Folk Rhythm and Life and Beechworth’s Spring Music Festival.

Once again several presenters across all sites collaborated to compile the music for Playlist 15.0, of which a full listing can be viewed here.

Wall to wall live radio on Indigo FM this weekend

Indigo FM’s sites in Beechworth and Yackandandah will heat up this weekend – October 19/20 – as our annual Radiothon picks up pace. Around 20 different presenters will take to the airwaves to spruik the wonders of local radio as well as showcase their specific program style.

The action gets under way on 88.0 Indigo FM at each site from noon Saturday to noon Sunday. In addition Yackandandah volunteers will be at the Lion’s Market on Sunday morning promoting Memberships and selling our latest range of T-Shirts. To join up online head along to our Membership module by clicking this link JOIN UP NOW

At YACKANDANDAH the schedule is:

Saturday 19 October

  • 12-2pm – Spencer presents Musical Mash
  • 2-4pm – Bron presents What’s Goin On
  • 4-6pm – Harvey presents Asleep At The Wheel
  • 6-7pm – Karen presents Indigo Conversations
  • 7-8:30pm – Jann presents Barry Humphreys in concert
  • 8:30-10pm – Scott presents A delicious slice of Boston Bun pt 2
  • 10pm-12am – Doug presents Waste The Alphabet (podcast)

Sunday 20 October 

  • 12-2am – Chris and Lauren – To be confirmed
  • 2-4am – Bernie, Michael and Sandy present Eclectic Avenue (podcast)
  • 4-5am – Matt and Greg present The Crossover (podcast)
  • 5-6am – Fizz, Matt and Doug present specials and interviews with Darren Cross, Hugo Race and By The Banks 2018 (podcasts)
  • 6-8am – Chris and Lauren – Show theme / name to be confirmed
  • 8-10am – Scott presents Everyone Deserves Music
  • 10am-12pm – Ian presents The Mixed Bag

At BEECHWORTH the Schedule is:

Saturday 19 October

  • 12-2pm – Michael presents New Releases
  • 2-4pm – Laurie presents Let’s Hear Them Again
  • 4-6pm – Matt & Doug present Not Quite Waste The Alphabet
  • 6-8pm – Scott presents A delicious slice of Boston Bun pt 1
  • 8-10pm – Greg
  • 10-11pm – Shaun presents The Rodrigues Hour
  • 11pm-midnight – Scott presents Karmadrome

Sunday 20 October

  • Midnight-2am – Doug presents Waste The Alphabet (podcast) 
  • 2-4am – Bernie, Michael and Sandy present Eclectic Avenue (podcast)
  • 4-5am – Matt and Greg present The Crossover (podcast)
  • 5-6am – Fizz, Matt and Doug present specials and interviews with Darren Cross, Hugo Race and By The Banks 2018 (podcasts)
  • 6-8am – Scott presents Everyone Deserves Music (podcast)
  • 8-10am – Laurie presents Slightly Sacred
  • 10-11am – Charles 
  • 11am-noon – Bernie presents Spring Clean