Indigo FM Turns 10

10 years ago today, an Indigo Shire radio enthusiast named Paul Fitzgerald received an official document that his vision to start up a local radio station in various Indigo Shire towns was off and running. 

2 June 2010 is the date that Indigo FM officially incorporated. It’s what we have come to celebrate each year as our birthday. In saying that we do appreciate that a lot of work and testing went on in both Beechworth and Yackandandah from late 2009 leading up to mid 2010.

Thanks to the many members, businesses, community groups, event committees, independent musicians and individuals who have shared our 10 year journey. Especially we thank every single official who has pulled on a T-shirt or worn a cap for Indigo FM.

Who we are today is largely reflective of those contributions from the many faces across our first decade. We’d also like to thank our major community partners who have been with us on this journey – Indigo Shire Council, Yackandandah Community Centre, Yackandandah Folk Festival, Beechworth and District Community Bank, Kiewa Tangambalanga Lions Club and Beechworth Music Festival.

Throughout June we will be featuring some of the stories, events and people who have helped shape Indigo FM across the past decade.

Back to Paul Fitzgerald. Paul was our founding member and Indigo FM’s very first President. At the initial meeting to set up Indigo FM, he was joined by Yackandandah’s Phil Buerckner and Shayne Soall. They each took on key roles and the project gathered momentum quickly. Paul was President for the first 2 years and later stepped back to allow others to take the reins.

Eclectic Avenue is our longest running show – Bernie, Michael and Sandy clock up 10 years on air in 2020. Bullfrog’s Roadhouse (and it’s various incarnations) with Mark is close behind having also commenced in 2010. Mighty fine achievements – but more importantly radio shows that demonstrate what Indigo FM is all about – casual vibe combined with extensive yet intimate knowledge of music. The same goes for  Musical Mash with Spencer and Everyone Deserves Music with Scott each of which are in their 8th consecutive year. Phil Buerckner remains an active presenter too, as a core member of our new Yack Chat phone-in program.

10 Years down and we’re just getting started. 

We’re still just as hungry as ever to keep on partnering with worthy causes in our quest to live out our Vision:

A sustainable and accessible local voice that reflects and enriches the diversity of our community. 


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