Indigo FM Podcasts – Diversity in the palm of your hand

Have you checked out our Podcasts lately? We have a range of entertaining shows that not only feature great music but offer insight and context to accompany the music. They are produced from our team of enthusiastic podcasters. Currently available to listen to are:

  • Bullfrog’s Roadhouse with Mark
  • The Nest with Patrick
  • Eclectic / Isolation Avenue with Michael, Bernie and Sandy
  • Waste The Alphabet with Doug
  • Everyone Deserves Music with Scott
  • Interviews – Scott catches up with Serbian born soul-folkster Maja
  • Shows from our Archive – Spin A Story (2017) and The Ambassadors (2015)

Simply head along to this link  to choose the show you want to listen to. Another option is to download the Podomatic App from the iTunes Store or Google Play Store. On the App just search for Indigo FM and our podcast site will come up. Select it and then pick your podcast! It’s that easy.

What are they about?


The Ambassadors – Is a loose and local 90 min sports show from 2015 which brought together the quick wit and fanaticism of Terry Turn-Up and Reginald young whipper-snapper Esq.

Spin A Story – Is real people meeting up in a Cafe in  2017 to share their favourite vinyl tracks and the stories behind them.

Waste The Alphabet – Plays the best new and independent Australian music.

Bullfrog’s Roadhouse – Supplies the tunes in the blues, roots and alt-country genres.

The Nest – Offers ambient, low fi type recordings but also a bit of boogie and disco, with some modern electronic pieces too.

Everyone Deserves Music – Focuses on indie folk/roots music incl local and touring artists.

Eclectic Avenue – Brings you a smorgasbord of musical delights from a range of genres.

Maja Interview – Maja is an eccentric Melbourne based spoken word poet and folk-soul singer songwriter. Her journey started in Serbia being born in the midst of a brutal civil war before her family immigrated and settled in Brisbane. In early 2017 she set up in Melbourne, where last year she published her first book of poetry and she has recently released a new single with an album to follow in 2020.

Our podcast line-up changes constantly and because the programs are coming from volunteers, you know they’ll be full of the passion Indigo FM is famous for.


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