Announcing our new home in Tangambalanga

Indigo FM is very excited to announce that we have moved to a new site in Tangambalanga. We’re now set up and on air on 88.0 FM in our new studio space in the Tangam Pharmacy building – right next door to Tangam Tangles.

Tangam Pharmacy owner Michael Beniamine (left) and Indigo FM President Scott Landells (right) are looking forward to creating lots of great music and community vibes from their new location.

After a couple of weeks of sorting out some reception issues, we are now putting out a strong signal on 88.0 FM in Kiewa-Tangambalanga and surrounds.

Indigo FM President Scott Landells thanked Tangam Pharmacy owner Michael Beniamine for providing the volunteer-run local radio station with it’s new home.

“Michael and his team at Tangam Pharmacy run a marvellous local business and have been very welcoming in helping us come on board to occupy some spare space in their building. With their support, our focus will now shift to recruitment of presenters, for live radio from this site. We have a handful of interested new presenters who will be hitting the airwaves very shortly. So stay tuned to 88.0 Indigo FM Kiewa-Tangambalanga as exciting times lay ahead.”

Wednesday 13 October marked the day that we returned to the 88.0 FM airwaves and it was Ruth with her show Lipstick Blues who had the honours of celebrating the occasion.

Ruth’s Lipstick Blues is celebrates all there is to love about the Blues. Here Ruth busily prepares some music for her show on 13 October, the same day that we returned to the airwaves in Tangambalanga.

President Scott Landells wished to thank all of the station’s various volunteers and supporters who helped get the site set up so quickly and back on air.

“It was a fabulous and selfless team effort led by our Tech Officer Ken Halse and Site Co-ordinator Jos Ceccanti. We had volunteers come from as far and wide as Mt Beauty, Beechworth, Murmungee and Rutherglen, as well as here in Tangambalanga,” Landells said.

Greg, Kenny and Pat putting in the hard yards
Sandy, Kenny and Bernie finishing the cabling tasks on 13 October

“We’d like to thank the Lions Club of Kiewa-Tangambalanga and Indigo Shire Council who very generously provided our previous home at the Lion’s Den from mid-2018 to mid-2021. Those 3 years provided a valuable opportunity to lay our foundation in the local community, and we now look forward to building on the goodwill we have eastablished.

“If you’re reading this and thinking – wow, I’d like to become a presenter at Indigo FM Kiewa-Tangam – shoot off an email to [email protected], and our Site Co-ordinator Jos Ceccanti will make arrangements to get you trained up and on-air with your own regular radio show.”

Local businesses and community groups are also welcome to get involved and promote their activities on Indigo FM with our rates very affordable. To find out more, email Jos Ceccanti at the above email address.

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