An Update On Our Internet Radio Station Stream

It’s a cliched line but “owing to technical difficulties…..” has become an unfortunate reality for Indigo FM over the past 7 weeks as we try to work out what has happened to our stream that worked so reliably for a year.

The good news is, we are slightly encouraged by some of the communication coming from our stream hosts this past week. These snippets of information from them along with a lot of online research at our end has us feeling hopeful that a solution might be just a few days away.

Our stream is hosted by one of the largest providers globally. They are very affordable by a fair way compared to other competitors. As they are based in Europe, however, time differences mean that slightly complex issues – as we are finding out – seem to get fixed at a snail’s pace.

Their support system and tools are more akin to what you might have tolerated 20 years ago. We’ve struggled to comprehend how sub-standard their support is.

Nonetheless we persevere and we’re optimistic.

We are a bit embarrassed to find ourselves apologising to listeners like yourselves, who had become used to enjoying the convenience of tuning in to Indigo FM in their car, when out for a walk, bike ride or at work etc, without having to contend with the vagaries of FM radio signals.

So please hang in there, cross your fingers and know that every day we are trying to progress this one and resolve it.

We post updates on the Facebook page Indigo FM Streaming – and we will definitely post a new article here when we do fix this one.

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