Bringing the Fun to Beechworth Site Role

Neil “Funno” Funston has been a great addition to our ranks here as a presenter at Indigo FM Beechworth since late 2019 with his regular show Baby Boomer’s Revenge.

In recent weeks, Funno stepped it up a notch when he was appointed to the voluntary role of Beechworth Site Co-ordinator.

Neil is a relatively new resident of Beechworth, however, he and wife Robyn for many years successfully ran the Boorhaman North “little oasis” Renaissance Chocolates just a few km west of Rutherglen. So from chocolatier to radio organiser might seem an unexpected leap but there’s that meticulous craft element common to each.

Whilst Indigo FM is Neil’s first official foray into grass roots radio, he almost joined Radio Mansfield (Mansfield Community Radio) a few years back. As Neil explains….

I’ve always had a big interest in music particularly The Beatles as I am a Baby Boomer and grew up with them. Radio fascinated me and in 2019 when we moved to Bonnie Doon while our house was being built in Beechworth I investigated the local community radio station, but I decided not to progress because we would soon be moving. So when we landed in Beechworth one of the first things that happened was Indigo FM had a street stall drumming up interest for new members and presenters – I met Scott at the station – I was hooked.

The role of a Site Co-ordinator is a key one here at Indigo FM. Essentially the role is organising and supporting local presenters with their shows while also liaising with the local community to pursue partnerships and opportunities that enhance the programming and keep a strong local community focus.

I am very community focused and want to do all I can to be inclusive in the community and offer things that will benefit the community as a whole“, said Neil.

For enquiries about all things Indigo FM in Beechworth – be it membership, promoting your business or community group or becoming a presenter – you can drop Funno a line at [email protected]

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