Welcome Playlist 18.0

Our new playlist version 18.0 has hit the airwaves in recent days and it’s another diverse offerings with a focus on Australian, Indigenous and Independent artists.

Our most recent playlist comprises 900 songs by over 700 different artists with Australian content around 63%. On top of that we are proud to push the Indigenous content which comes in around 6%. We’re looking to grow that to 10% over the next year or two.

Australian independent musicians have been among the hardest hit as a result of the COVID19 pandemic these past 2 years and Indigo FM again proudly champions the music of this sector of the industry. Many who have toured through our towns playing festivals and venues have their latest tunes here including Tennyson King, Montgomery Church, Riley Catherall, Michael Waugh, Sunset Stranger, Lachy Doley, The Maes, Matt Joe Gow, Melody Moon, Ben Salter, Jess Locke, Daniel Champagne, Sunfruits, Emma Russack and Lachlan Denton, The Ramshackle Army, Jae Laffer, Gallie, Al Matcott, Maja, Four Lions, DC Cross, Darren Hanlon, Watty Thompson, Luke Sinclair Set, Van Walker, The Weeping Willows, Hachiku, Nathan Power, Justin Bernasconi and James Ellis and the Jealous Guys to rattle off a few.

Local musicians Paul Dyason, Toby Mobbs, Asha Bright, Buddy Dingo, GG Music, This Way North, Nic Jean, Sal Kimber, Nick Keogh, Gordon Dickson, Surprise Chef, Dean Haitani, Fanny Lumsden and Julian James also have tracks on Playlist 18.0.

Again we have stuck to our protocol of offering each artist a maximum of 2 songs on the Playlist, with all music sourced from either presenters at our volunteer run local radio station as well as from various record labels and free music sources such as Triple J Unearthed.

Our Playlist is what you hear between pre-recorded and live radio shows and is changed over every 6 months by the station’s Programming team. So tune in and embrace the delightful diversity on show here at Indigo FM.

Click Playlist 18.0 to view the complete listing.

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